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2001: A Space Odyssey by Arthur C. Clarke

June 2, 2014

Many times movies are made based on popular novels. Other times marketing companies see easy money in releasing cheap novelizations of upcoming films. 200: A Space Odyssey is one case where neither is true. The classic film and novel resulted as a collaboration between Dr. Strangelove director Stanley Kubrick and science fiction author Arthur C. Clarke. Together they created a story that spans great distances in time and space. However, while the two men consulted each other they worked independently in their own mediums and the resulting film and book resemble each other but also have important differences with the novel providing lots of concrete explanation for what the film left ambiguous. Now join Stuart to hear about the creation of the novel of 2001: A Space Odyssey and find out if the axiom is true and the book is better than the movie!

Then head to Now Playing Podcast to hear Stuart, Arnie, and Jakob review the film version of 2001 and 2010!

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