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Batman: Year One by Frank Miller

May 31, 2012

Spoiler Alert! This podcast discusses many key elements of Batman: Year One and Batman: Year Two.

After DC had a Crisis on Infinite Earths it was time to revisit and revamp the origins of many of their core superheroes, including the Batman. Written by Frank Miller one year after his acclaimed The Dark Knight Returns series, Year One looks at both Batman and Commissioner Gordon during their first year fighting crime in Gotham City. This arc provided a grounded take on the Batman origin, and would inspire the movies Batman Begins and Batman: Mask of the Phantasm, as well as having its own feature-length direct-to-DVD movie adaptation.

Now, inspired by Now Playing Podcast's Batman movie retrospective series, the dynamic duo of Arnie and Jakob continue reviewing these seminal Batman stories, Arnie having never read the series before this review, and Jakob a long time fan of the series. And they also take a brief look at the follow-up comic series, Batman: Year Two

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