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Conspiracy of the Planet of the Apes by Andrew E. C. Gaska

July 10, 2014

Planet of the Apes might have begun in literature, but it reached mass popularity and commercial success with the 1968 Charlton Heston movie. That cinema classic, and its four sequels, presents a stark future Earth where Mankind has slipped back into savagery and become slaves to our evolutionary brethren.

In 2011 - the same year Twentieth Century Fox released blockbuster reboot Rise of the Planet of the Apes - Archaia Entertainment, author Andrew Gaska, and over a dozen celebrated illustrators launched a continuation of the original movie universe in print. Conspiracy of the Planet of the Apes retells the story of the time-traveling Liberty 1 space mission using gorilla, chimp, orang, and human characters we never got to know in the movies.Join Stuart in LA to hear if this illustrated novel is a bold reinterpretation of a landmark film, or just aping the past for quick cash.

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