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Doctor Sleep by Stephen King

December 13, 2013

Dan Torrance was just five years old when he survived the ghostly attacks of his drunken father at The Overlook Hotel. But for 36 years fans have wondered what happened to Dan, a powerful psychic, after The Shining ended. Now Stephen King answers that question with Doctor Sleep, a book that tells of Dan as a 40 year old recovered alcoholic. When a group of psychic vampires go after a young girl with mental powers Dan has to once again stand up to the powers of darkness.Could any novel live up to readers' memories of The Shining? And if so, does Doctor Sleep deliver those same thrills and drama? Join Arnie as he reviews King's latest novel to find out!And join Arnie, Stuart, and Jakob at to hear their reviews of both the theatrical and TV adaptations of The Shining!

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