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One For the Road (from the Night Shift Collection) by Stephen King

November 25, 2013

Some questions lingered when Stephen King's 'Salem's Lot ended. Were all the vampires killed? Due to the success of the novel, and to help publicize the paperback edition of the book, the author returned to the Maine town of Jerusalem's Lot for his short story "One For the Road." Taking place several years after vampires first settled in Maine, King tells the story of three men who must venture into the ghost town to rescue a stranded woman and child.

The story was first published in Maine Magazine, then reprinted in Stephen King's first short story collection Night Shift, and is now appended to paperback and eBook versions of 'Salem's Lot. What happened in the story and is it worth the quick read? Listen to Arnie's review to find out in this podcast continuing our Stephen King series!

And join Arnie, Stuart, and Jakob at to hear their reviews of the three 'Salem's Lot TV and movie adaptations!

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