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The Shining by Stephen King

December 9, 2013

Do you know Stephen King's The Shining? You may think you do--iconography from King's third book litters American pop culture. The Overlook Hotel. Redrum. Jack Torrance, who's always been the caretaker of the hotel. It was King's first bestselling hardcover novel and famously adapted by Stanley Kubrick to film--but if you only know The Shining from the movie you are missing out! King's book is a study of paternal relationships, alcoholism, and the nature of fatherhood. Plus there's also ghosts, murderers, and a little psychic boy.

Now, continuing his Stephen King review series Arnie is back with his spoiler-free analysis of King's story of a haunted hotel. Also in this podcast Arnie reviews "Before the Play"--The Shining's rare, uncollected prologue, cut from the final novel.

And join Arnie, Stuart, and Jakob at to hear their reviews of both the movie and TV adaptations of The Shining!

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